Online-Shopping, as fun as watching a movie!
Emotional E-commerce Experience
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bajomi analytics was acquired

Our technology is now part of excentos Software GmbH!

Our Solution

Shopping a product online is convenient and fun but the process to find the right product isn’t. Today online shoppers still need to click through multiple pages of search results to find the products they really like. Filter options provide a first presorting, however they are not able to accommodate a user's individual taste and subjective affection for a respective product. Clicking through all listings is time consuming and frustrating and therefore often associated to a tedious user experience and high dropout rates. We at bajomi analytics strive to change this through a novel online shopping experience where users can lay back and enjoy a proactive online shop.


Our solution is able to identify individual interest and preference of an online shopper. In doing so, we can provide the highest degree of personalization in e-commerce.


Our interactive user experience is intuitive and fun. Users can lay back and our technology presents sequences of product images and extracts individual interest and preference through the front camera. No manual labor required.


Our proprietary technology reduces product search time and increases conversion rates. A win-win situation for online shops and their customers. Everything in real-time.


Our SaaS technology creates a novel user experience for online shops that reduces product search time and increases conversion rates. We develop a data-driven algorithm to reveal the listing interest of an individual user based on his/her response measured through the front camera signals. For this, we employ amongst others facial analysis and pupil tracking. As a result we can deliver listings that are customized to each user's individual taste and preference. The resulting system is embedded seamlessly into existing online shops and works on any device in real-time.

Our Team

Dr. Bastian Venthur

Lead Software Engineer

Dr. Johannes Höhne

Lead Data Analyst

Dr. Michael Potstada

Lead Business Development